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[Solved] time zone handling


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The following is from a report schema.


<FieldRef levelType="ShipmentHeader" category="PDF">
<SimpleMapping sqlName="ACTUAL_PICKUP_DATE"/>
<Timezone sqlName="shipfrom_tz" fallbackTz="user_profile"/>

Questions are:

1.Tag <TimezoneHandling> seems not defined in Platform User's Guide (Neo 3.3) any where. Is this tag necessary since tag <Timezone> exists already?  what does it do?

2. Where is the location where user_profile timezone id is defined?  


1 Answer

Looks like TimezoneHandling is an older xml element which is rarely used.  I think since you have Timezone defined later, you can/should remove TimezoneHandling.

The user profile TZ comes from whatever that user has configured as their preferred timezone. In java, this manifests as com.transcendsys.platform.web.profile.UserProfile.getTimeZone()

In the database, it is stored in USERS.PREF_PROP_LIST

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