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Missing image in Integration section in SDK user's guide

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I am working to create an Inbound interface where the edi file will be transformed to a model. Basic I want to do EDI Transformation, but I facing an issue that in the user's guide document in Integration->format->EDI section there are steps written to to configure EDI Inbound Interface. In the third step which is Setup the MessageSourcePoll the picture is misplaced which shows how to configure a Message source poll. Can anyone please guide me the steps to configure the Message Source Poll? for EDI Inbound Interface.


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Can you take a look at this resource:


I believe this provides information around how to load a Message Queue, Message Source, Message Source Poll, etc.

ahmedfurqan Topic starter 2021-02-10 11:56:00


Is there a same issue at your side as well?


I don't think that particular page has a screenshot.  They're assuming the user can "fill in the blanks" based on following previous topics like the one I posted above.

ahmedfurqan Topic starter 2021-02-11 14:48:07


Anyways, thanks for pointing me to the right place. However, I am facing the following error If you can please guide me on this.

#Error Line No,Error Description,* Name,Enterprise Name,* Source Type,* Config 2,Invalid Action name: NoActionSpecified,EDIFileDrop,,File,{ srcDir: 'C:/inbox/EDIs' } Can you please guide me with this. Best Regards, Furqan Ahmed

Br, Furqan

Greg Merrill 2021-02-11 15:27:47

Can you share your original input file, and tell me what interface name and version you are loading against?

ahmedfurqan Topic starter 2021-02-11 15:50:37


Actually what happens is that I run the build ant target and run-server target and the file is now successfully uploaded to the server. I think I was missing this steps. Anyways thanks a lot.

Br, Furqan

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Following is the code for MessageQueues.csv file

#* Name,Enterprise Name,* Source Type,* Config
EDIFileDrop,,File,{ srcDir: 'C:/inbox/EDIs' }


Following is the code for MessageQueues.csv file

#* Name,Enterprise Name,Classification,"Exclusive Consumer (0 or 1 (0=false, 1=true))","Paused (0 or 1 (0=false, 1=true))"


Following is the code for MessageSourcePoll.csv file 


#* Name,Enterprise Name,Message Source Name,Message Source Enterprise Name,Group Name,"Precedence (#,###)",Include Expr,Exclude Expr,Inbound Queue Name,Inbound Queue Enterprise Name,Inbound Interface,Inbound Interface Version


I one by one uploaded those files to the server.


Br, Furqan


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ahmedfurqan Topic starter 2021-02-17 12:51:14


Also EdiInboundRoute.csv file code is as follows

#* Transaction Type,Sender Gs Id,Receiver Gs Id,Inbound Interface Name,Inbound Interface Number,Edi Format,Sender Isa Id,Receiver Isa Id,Skip Edi Validation,Inbound Queue Name,Inbound Queue Enterprise Name,Edi Version

ahmedfurqan Topic starter 2021-02-17 14:47:47


I can see in my oracle database there is not table with the name "DVCE_BATCH_UPLOAD_QUEUE". Am I missing database scripts to run through ant target? Thanks.

Br, Furqan

Greg Merrill 2021-02-17 14:55:48

@ahmedfurqan wow - OK, that's a big problem. Sounds like there is some problem in your installation.

I think we need to have someone from the ONE team work on a screenshare with you to resolve this. What timezone are you in Furqan? Also, is there a particular project/customer you are working in the context of? If you can share this information we can try to arrange for a call.

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@gmerrill Sorry I was wrong the user one_sdk is also there along with all the tables, I just overlook it. So, from the installation perspective things are good. Sorry for the Inconvenience. I have shared the csvs file data (Message Source, Message Queue, and Message Source Poll) with you in the above posts if you can please have a look at it. I have also sent you an email regarding to the time zone and project description If you please have a look at it. Thanks. Best Regards, Furqan Ahmed


There isn't a screenshot on that page, as far as I can tell. They're thinking that the user will "fill in the blanks" based on previous discussions, such as the one I mentioned above.

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