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[Solved] How to access the HTML components of the TLVs in the TLV plugin JS.


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Hi all,

We have TLV and we wanted to pass the one filter value as the filter parameter to the other filter filed which itself is the picker report. Idea here is to get the filter value from the 1st field and then access the 2nd filter field and update the pickerReport property. Please let me know if there are any pointers for this.

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I think you can achieve this by listening for "filtersloaded", and registering an "change" listener on filter 1 and passing to filter 2.

I have attached a similar example from ONE's MFG module, which listens for changes on a "Site" picker and applies that to a "SiteRsrc" picker.


I tried to add the same piece of code but it is not working. When I tried to debug I found that the change focus events are not getting registered on the field. We are having the Neo 3.2 will that matter? Ideally, it should not but still asking.

I think the general question has been answered, so I'm working with @kvarpe offline to help debug.

Edit: The problem was that @kvarpe is working against an EmbeddedTLV component, not One.TimelineView. The TLV plugin only works against TLVs opened with the One.TimelineView class (ExtJS fmwk), not the EmbeddedTLV component (React fmwk).

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