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[Solved] How do I prevent the Tomcat Server from automatically exiting when a start up error occurs?

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I am trying to start my server by running "ant run-server-jdwp". The server window pops up and begins the process of starting. However, at some point an error occurs and immediately closes the server window. It happens extremely fast, preventing me from pausing the server manually to record the error.


Is there anything I can do to prevent the server window from closing automatically, providing me the time I need to review the error?

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You can edit the file "run-jdwp.bat", located within the "install" directory. 



Open the file and navigate to the bottom. Add a new line with the command 'pause', directly above the 'exit' line. The file should now look like the screenshot below.



Save the file and run your server command again. Now, when the error occurs, the server will remain open with the error displayed and the window will not close until you manually close it.