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[Solved] How can I change the web application port to something other than 80?

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I am currently going through the Bookstore Tutorial and I have another process that is listening on port 80. How can I change this value to a different port? 

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Below are the steps required to change the port. For this example, we will be using 8081 as the new port, changing it from 80.

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\userName\OneSDK_NEO3.7\one-platform-3.7. Open the file
    1. Set web.tomcat.http.port=8081
    2. Set webapp.port=8081
    3. Save file
  2. Within C:\Users\userName\OneSDK_NEO3.7\one-platform-3.7, run ant_dos.bat
  3. Navigate to the directory ‘platform/setup’ within Ant Dos command prompt by typing "cd platform/setup"
  4. Run the following 'ant -f admin.xml reconfigure’, without the quotes. Success message should be displayed
  5. Validate the change by checking InstanceConfig.xml in the directory ‘OneSDK_NEO3.7\one-platform-3.7\platform\setup’. Values should have updated to 8081
  6. After running the ant command, stay within the directory C:\Users\userName\OneSDK_NEO3.7\one-platform-3.7\platform\setup and open the file “dvce-app-config.xml”
  7. Within dvce-app-config.xml file, find the line “<GridDispatcherConfiguration xmlns="" active="${}">”. Set active=”true”, like the example below. Save file after making changes
  8. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory C:\Program Files\OneSDK_NEO3.7\studio-3.7-GA\eclipse\plugins\com.onenetwork.platform.sdk_1.0.0\proj-static\test. Open the file
  9. Update cactus.contextURL to use 8081
  10. Open directory C:\Program Files\OneSDK_NEO3.7\studio-3.7-GA\eclipse\plugins\com.onenetwork.platform.sdk_1.0.0\proj-static. Open file
  11. Update web.tomcat.http.port to 8081


After these changes, you application will be configured to run user port 8081 instead of 80.