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File is Invalid: ParseError When Using Less Than or Equal to


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When using a less than or equal to comparison in the following format of a Report, I get a ParseError.

(Retrieval Field) <= (Custom Filter Field)


What is a work around for this?

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The following answer was provided by @gmerrill:

This is a limitation of XML. You can't use a < except to start a new xml tag. You have two options:

Option 1: use an "entity" to define the <

<SqlDef Name="BookstoreReportTutorial" GroupName="BookstoreReportTutorial">
 and ${filterIfNotNull:argQtySoldHigh, QUANTITY_SOLD &lt;= $argQtySoldHigh$}

Option 2: put the entire sql text in a <![CDATA[ ]]> enclosure

<SqlDef Name="BookstoreReportTutorial" GroupName="BookstoreReportTutorial"><![CDATA[
 and ${filterIfNotNull:argQtySoldHigh, QUANTITY_SOLD <= $argQtySoldHigh$}
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