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Unable to Install NeoSDK3.5 Setup- Installer Cannot Identify Oracle Setup


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Hello All- I have Oracle 21cXE Installed in Machine and Trying to Install NeoSDK3.5 Setup - All Oracle XE Services are also running in the background. However on trying to Install the Installer (NeoSDK3.5) it says "Oracle is Not Installed In The Machine". OpenJDK11 and Oracle21cXE already installed. Anu suggestions will be great.

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@rdchoudhury - At this time, the SDK is not yet compatible with Oracle 21c. For now, please use Oracle 18c to support the SDK. Thanks.

@jcourter : Thanks for the Update - Can you also confirm if OpenJDK v17 Higher Versions will be Supported or it will work only on OpenJDK 11?

@rdchoudhury - Yes, the SDK is compatible with OpenJDK v17

@jcourter : We installed OPENJDK 17 and then tried running the NEOSDK3.5 but it still gives an error to run only on OPENJDK11 - Can you please confirm on the issue?

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