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Tomcat server starting and stopping with an error (Neo 3.8)

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I started the tomcat server fine and I can launce the localhost.  However; in few minutes, I cannot launch the localhost and getting the below error: 

java.lang.NullPointerException: attempted to lock null
at net.sf.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.lock( ~[hibernate2.jar:?]
at sso.provider.replication.Replicator.replicate( [sso.jar:?]
at sso.provider.replication.jmx.ReplicationRunner.replicate( [sso.jar:?]
at [sso.jar:?]
09-19 11:27:52,446 INFO (plicationRunner) [ Replicator] Ignoring unexpected exception to keep thread alive


This topic was modified 10 months ago by Ashraf Tadros
jcourter 2023-09-19 16:41:47

@atadros - I just want to make sure I have the flow correct. You launch the server successfully, you access the localhost successfully, and then after a few minutes, you are no longer able to access the localhost because of the error you posted. If that is correct, I have a few questions.


Does the error only occur after closing the localhost and trying to navigate back a few minutes later? Or does the error also occur while you are working within the application, without ever closing the localhost? Also, does restarting the server fix this issue until it occurs later?

Ashraf Tadros Topic starter 2023-09-19 16:44:27

The error occurred without closing the localhost. and yes, if I restart the server, it fixes it for few minutes and them it happens again.

1 Answer

@atadros - Providing an update based on our discussions yesterday.

The above issue occurred because either no entry into the SSO_PROVIDER_APPLICATION table occurred or the entry was deleted. After inserting a new entry manually, the error message no longer occurred and the user was able to log on to the application successfully.