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Color palettes for color-blind users


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Hello! Do we have color palettes for users who are color-blind?


  • We want to use a background color in a UDP that makes it stand out from other UDPs (i.e. all other pages will have the default background color in the user's selected color palette, but we want this page to visually stand-out from the others).
  • We could assign one specific color, but if we do that, we could run into these problems:
    • the color that we select may not be useful for some people with color-blindness
    • the color that we select may not stand out visually if the user has selected a non-default color palette
    • the color that we select may not work well with text colors if the user has selected a non-default color palette

Do we have a way to select a background color within the user's selected color palette which would:

  • serve as a secondary background color (text colors in their selected color palette would still be easily-readable against this background color)
  • work well with user's selected color palette
  • guarantee that the background color is different from the default background color but poses no issues with any of the other colors in their palette

I suspect that we may have One Network color palettes that have already been created with inclusionary principles for color-blindness. Is that so? If not, does anyone have suggestions for creating one within our system?

Thank you!




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Hi Juliana,

You have identified it correctly that using any specific color or set of color may or may not work for the colorblind person. The reason is that the type of colorblindness can vary from person to person.
Thankfully, you don't have to provide any special handling for colorblind people. When it comes to adding support for disabled people, ONE application complies with Section 508 and WCAG AA guidelines. WCAG AA level guidelines has provided a minimum required contrast ratio of 4.5:1 between colors of text and background. In ONE, screens like reports and TLV have a ratio of 12.63:1, which is higher than not just WCAG AA standards but WCAG AAA standards too. We have ensured that all the sections of the screen are compliant with this guideline.
In short, even though the application lacks the ability to select a secondary theme, colorblind users are not required to make any special changes because they can comfortably read all of the texts within ONE application in default theme itself. 

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