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BookuserStore user not logging in  




I am step-by-step following the BookStore Demo application which is described in the DevNetwork training guide. All the steps are successful, but when I am going to http://localhost/ and try to login to the command center it says Either the username or password you entered is invalid and I am unable to login to the command center. Any guidance on this issue would be highly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Furqan Ahmed

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Hi Ahmed,

You will need to run the load-data target in Ant before being able to sign in as "BookstoreUser". The default initial password for the user is "password".

If you already ran the load-data target from the dataset, then please double check that you get a success message when running that targer.



Also note that you wrote "BookuserStore", but the username is "BookstoreUser".


Many thanks for your reply. My bad while writing the post title, but I am using the correct username i.e., BookstoreUser while logging in to the command center. I have run the load data target from the dataset and in the console I can see that the target runs successfully but still the user is not logging in. I wonder If I need to restart the platform server upon running the load data target?.

Br, Furqan

You should not have to restart the server for data load changes to take effect.

You can see a list of the users will be loaded by opening this file in the SDK: Bookstore_dataset/data/users.csv

You can also see a list of the users already loaded by running the following SQL query:

Finally, you can sign in as "InstanceAdminUser" and the switch user to another user account by clicking on the user avatar and selecting the appropriate option.

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