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"User Account Deactivated" on sign in  



When an end user attempts to sign in, they get a message which reads "User Account Deactivated".

Here is a screenshot:

 image 1

What is needed to activate this user account?

Is it a setting that an Admin user configures in the Administration menu of the UI?


3 Answers

There is an "IS_ACTIVE" database field in the Users table. There is also a corresponding option in the Administration menu of the UI.

There was a development related user account which I was not able log into despite this field showing as active. I found that a work around is to sign in as InstanceAdminUser and then use the Switch Accounts option.


This usually means one of the following:

USERS.IS_ACTIVE = 0 for that user
USRO.IS_ACTIVE = 0 for all the user's USROs
ROLE.IS_ACTIVE = 0 for the roles referenced by the user's USROs

If none of these are true, it could be something related to failed replication from PLT to SSO.


Another reason for this can be that the email extension is not supported. For example, there may be a setting that only allows ".org" email addresses, but this particular user's email address ends in ".com". This would show up in the server log similar to the following error message:

<Message>"" is not a supported email extension.  Allowed email extensions are: ".org,.us"</Message>

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